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Job & Career Opportunities After Bachelor of Architecture

“The mother art is Architecture. Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture is living proof of centuries of human civilizations. They tell countless stories of the rise and fall of cities and empires. We are witnesses to the trajectory of technological and infrastructural advancements resulting in the current scenario of globalization. Architecture is a blend of Art and Technology. It’s an amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It trains the students in acquiring skills like design, working drawings, planning, documentation, and on-site experience. It is an art of encompassing human emotions within the habitable spaces that are designed for users. Being visualizers of the society, architects are involved in a project right from the conceptual stage to the development of actual ready to use infrastructure.

Architecture holds a key position in today’s scenario of Globalization. Design and Technology go beyond the boundaries of spaces. The global market is extremely fertile for infrastructural growth. It’s filled with a myriad of responsibilities for innovative, creative and technically skilled architects. There’s an increasing awareness around the world for energy saving and aesthetically pleasing infrastructures. Resulting in the emergence of ultra-modern residential complexes, office spaces, gigantic malls, highways, bridges and many other complex structures. These are architecture’s gifts to humanity! Thus, Architecture is a thriving field in the global market with a constantly rising demand for skilled professionals.

Career & Job Opportunities after B. Arch

Architecture graduates are welcomed in the global market with plenty of opportunities in diverse areas. There are two equally rewarding options that students can opt after completing B.Arch. He/she can either opt for higher studies or seek jobs in their preferred area. There are various areas to choose from including, urban planning, urban development corporations, public works department, interior designing, etc. The global market offers several career avenues to B.Arch. graduates. Architects have lots of job opportunities in architectural firms, consultancy companies, etc. The global market, especially in the USA, Australia and Dubai provides attractive career and jobs for architecture graduates. There are tonnes of opportunities in the public as well as the private sector.    


The top 10 jobs and career opportunities after B.Arch. Degree: -

Each new situation requires a new architecture!

  • Jean Nouvel

Each era, space, and person have their unique requirements when it comes to architecture. An architect is responsible for designing infrastructures that are in harmony with their surroundings and merge with the spirit of the place! In the wake of Globalization, there’s an exponential infrastructural, technological, scientific and artistic growth! Architecture encompasses all these aspects to provide infrastructures that blend in human emotions and requirements. This opens doors to various opportunities both in the national and international markets for professional architects. There’s a surge in their career opportunities in both the private as well as the government sector!

Architects have tremendous scope for career advancement in the Indian market. There are various architectural firms, consultancies, government organizations offering several positions to architecture professionals. Some public and government organizations that offer jobs for architects are Archaeological Department, Central and State Public Work Departments, City Development Authorities, Department Of Railways, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Housing Development Corporations, Ministry of Defence, Municipalities, National Building Organization, National Institutes of Urban Affairs and Housing, Public Works Department, State Housing Boards, and in IT.



Diverse job profiles are available for Architecture graduates to advance their career applying their architectural and creative skills and building timeless infrastructures!

Let’s take a look at the top 10 job profiles that available for B.Arch. graduates:

  • Architect

A student can land a job as an Architect with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Architects are primarily responsible for creating new and innovative designs for infrastructures, suggest alterations to the existing ones and redevelop them. They have to put together their expertise in construction knowledge, drawing skills, digital drafting tools, along with creativity and innovation to design sustainable, safe and aesthetically pleasing infrastructures. While doing so they also have to take various factors into consideration like the clients’ needs, safety standards, the environmental and governmental guidelines and the budget constraints. They are involved throughout the execution of the project. Right from the initial designing and drafting stage to the finally functioning infrastructure. They can land a job in either the public or the private sectors.

Hence, it’s a best suited career for ones who are interested in designing innovative infrastructures and oversee them turning into habitable spaces!

Following are the responsibilities of an Architect: -

  • They have to create infrastructural designs and detailed drawings that are both hand drawn and on Computer-aided design application (CAD).
  • Carefully plan their designs around the constraining factors such as governmental and environmental guidelines, and project budgets.
  • They have to work with a team of other professionals such as building service engineers, construction managers, quantity surveyors and Structural Designers.
  • Write and present reports, proposals, applications and contracts regarding new infrastructural designs.
  • Make changes in the design to adapt the changing circumstances and resolve any problems that may arise during construction.
  • Urban Planner

Urban Planner is another job profile that students of Architecture can have after a B.Arch. degree. Urban planners are concerned with developing plans and programs for the constructive use of land in cities and the advancement of urban communities. Their job is to identify the community needs, devise constructive plans accordingly and ensure their implementation. They plan cities to accommodate the constantly growing population, provide advanced infrastructural facilities and ensure their safe and constructive implementation for the overall benefit of the community. While devising a plan they have to use a variety of technical tools. These include GIS (Geographic Information System) to analyse the available data, statistical software, visualization and presentation programs, financial spreadsheets and other database programs. Their job is to develop comprehensive plans related to economic, social, and environmental issues, such as planning a new park, sheltering the homeless, and making the region more aesthetically pleasing. Thus, if the prospect of planning an entire functioning city and facilitating the lives its citizens, excites you, this can be a perfect job for you.

Following are the responsibilities of an urban planner: -

  • They have to design and plan cities in order to accommodate the growing population and provide a better quality of life to the citizens.
  • Give special attention to socially deprived areas and focus on their redevelopment.
  • Pay attention to growing environmental concerns like global warming, pollution and climate change while devising a plan.
  • Carefully plan the transportation activities around the city and take care of providing better transport facilities to citizens.
  • To devise plans that ensure energy efficiency and the least environmental effect.
  • Take into consideration the collective good of the community while devising the plan.
  • Closely study the economic factors, governmental policies and community requirements before devising a plan.
  • Carry out investigations to gather more information that is relevant to town planning.
  • With this collective information, provide advanced residential, recreational and affordable facilities to the community.
  • Defining Government Policies considering all above-mentioned aspects
  • Project Manager / Construction Management consultant


The job of a Project Manager or a Construction Management Consultant is to oversee the overall building process with all its aspects, working closely with engineers and architects to develop plans, establish timetables, and determine labor and material costs. They are responsible for the completion of project within the budget and time that is approved by the client. They allocate work to various departments and supervise its implementation. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of any construction project and the workers on site. They form the bridge between the client and the workers of a project. They ensure that the project implementation follows all the safety rules and is completed within the stipulated time period. If managing an entire project, being the mastermind behind its smooth functioning and supervising all the activities on site interest you, this can be a perfect job for you!

Following are the responsibilities of a Project Manager/Consultant Management Consultant: -

  • They have to manage projects and related specific activities keeping in mind the constraints of time, budget and requirements.
  • While working with the above constraints, they also have to ensure the quality factor
  • To allocate work to various teams and manage their team members.
  • Conduct routine post-project reviews to ensure the smooth running of the project.
  • Manage the functional perspectives from within and outside project teams.
  • Keep track of proper project documentation.
  • Plan, schedule and control activities and ensure its implementation by applying technical, theoretical and managerial skills to satisfy project requirements.
  • Take into consideration the risks that are involved in the project implementation and device safety management strategies.
  • Landscape Architect

The job of a landscape designer is to combine his/her architectural expertise, artistic skills, creativity, knowledge of human activities and environmental factors to create aesthetically pleasing spaces! Their job involves designing and creating environmental spaces that can be found in both rural and urban areas! They plan, design and supervise the creation and regeneration of various outdoor and indoor spaces such as gardens, recreational areas, residential areas, industrial and commercial sites, etc. With the growing awareness around preserving and protecting the environment, this field has gained a lot of prominence. The landscape architects use their expertise in creating spaces that are environment friendly. They are a part of designing various projects like, urban regeneration schemes, pedestrian schemes, road or retail schemes and maintain the character of sites of natural beauty. Hence if your forte is building innovative spaces and environmental conservation, you can definitely seek this job profile. 

Following are the responsibilities of a Landscape Architect:

  • Landscape Architects are responsible for designing indoor and outdoor spaces in the building. They blend the outdoor & indoor spaces with building Soft (Vegetation) and Hard Landscape (Landscape Furniture) designs.
  • They have to accurately prepare detailed designs, planting plans and working drawings of the layout, including applications, construction details and specifications for the project using computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Conduct an initial survey of the site.
  • Design a plan keeping in mind the factor of environmental conservation.
  • Write and maintain timely reports regarding the advancement of the project.
  • Draft contracts as per their design along with an estimated cost.
  • Present proposals to clients along with the estimated time.
  • They have to supervise the project.
  • Their job involves working with other professionals such as architects, surveyors, town planners and civil engineers.
  • Architectural Conservation and Restoration Architect

The job of an Architectural Conservation and Restoration Architect involves preserving special heritage buildings for generations to come. Their job involves devising strategies to conserve, enhance, and regenerate historical buildings, and areas of specific historical, architectural or artistic interest. They advise and promote this as well. Devising plans for long-term preservation of these historical spaces and ensuring the overall benefit of the community also lies within their job profile. Thus, for people who wish to have a blend of history and architecture in their job, this profile is best suited for you!

The responsibilities of an Architectural Conservation and Restoration Architect will involve: -

  • Visiting and inspecting various historical sites.
  • Assessing and recommending buildings and areas for conservation.
  • Prepare plans and schedules of work to preserve these spaces.
  • Initiate new developments that can contribute to the repair or alteration of historic buildings, areas, and sites.
  • Plan regeneration projects that have heritage, community, economic and environmental benefits.
  • Draft an estimate of the conservation and restoration cost.
  • Ensure following the environmental and governmental guidelines while devising these conservation plans.
  • Your job will involve working with heritage and conservation groups, as well as local and national government agencies.
  • Green Building Consultant -


You need to complete M. Arch. Environmental Design/Sustainable Design to seek this job. A green building consultant’s job involves giving professional advice on several aspects of building design to ensure minimum resource consumption. Their job includes monitoring and limiting the use of materials, energy, water, etc. to minimize the negative environmental impact and maintain the quality of the project. In the wake of global warming and climate change, the job of a Green Building Consultant becomes extremely vital in all the infrastructural activities. Developing spaces using sustainable energy resources, like harvesting daylight before resorting to artificial lights, using natural ventilation rather than a mechanical one or implementing rainwater harvesting, etc are some of the activities that fall under this job profile. So, their job is primarily concerned with ensuring the least environmental damage and maximum comfort and utility from a space. So, if you are innovative enough to build infrastructures using natural resources and can cause the least environmental damage in the process, this can be your perfect job!

Following are the responsibilities of a Green Building Consultant: -

  • They have to manage the entire Green Building rating compliance and documentation process.
  • They have to create a project strategy that is instrumental in saving energy, resources, and water.
  • Ensuring the use of eco-friendly materials in the implementation of the project.
  • Conduct water audits, wastewater management, and rainwater harvesting studies before devising the design plan.
  • They have to create energy models and daylight simulations of all buildings to demonstrate their compliance with energy efficiency, IEQ requirements of the Green Building rating program.
  • They have to submit all documentation to the certification body and provide any clarification that might be required.
  • They have to conduct regular site visits to ensure the compliance of the Green Building rating.
  • Valuer

The job of a Valuer involves inspection of a property along with determining its current market value. They carry out a detailed land and property survey and study all the factors of the property before determining its value. They can be hired by both the buyer or the vendor. They access the structural i.e. the physical condition of a property. They can also be hired by local authorities in order to evaluate a property and determine the tax amount that is to be levied on it. Maintaining property records in the form of property documents, photographs, signed contracts, etc. are some basic activities under their job profile.

Following are the responsibilities of a Valuer: -

  • Evaluation of on-site properties and measurement of land dimensions.
  • To research the value of clients’ assets and produce a detailed report.
  • Schedule the sale of a property at auction if the client is satisfied with the valuation.
  • Advising clients and corporate firms on effective strategies for buying properties.
  • Interior Designer

The job of an Interior Designer is to beautify the internal spaces of infrastructure and make it functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. They have to ensure the optimum use of the available internal space and avoid wasting any of it. Their job involves working with architects, structural and mechanical engineers, MEP Consultants and builders. Together they decide the functionality, look and furnishing of the interior space. Interior designers can have specialization in particular types of buildings like residential spaces, hospitals, hotels or restaurants. Their job involves a blend of creativity and technical knowledge to create habitable spaces. These spaces cater to both the emotional and the practical requirements of the client. If creating beautiful and useful spaces for people is your passion, this is the job for you!

Following are the responsibilities of an Interior Designer: -

  • To understand the client’s goals and requirements of the project.
  • Conduct a thorough survey of the entire internal space and ensure the optimum usage of the available space in the design.
  • To draw the preliminary design plan with all the construction aspects including all necessary building services like Electrical, water supply drainage, AC, Fire fighting, Security systems, Building Automation, etc.
  • Determine and list out the materials and objects that will be required including the decorative artifacts, furnishings, wallpapers, paint colors, lighting, flooring, etc.
  • Draw a final design using all these variables on Computer-aided design application (CAD) with 3D Views and Walkthroughs for better understanding.
  • Give the client an estimation of time and cost that is required to complete the project.
  • Supervise the implementation of your design.
  • Set Designers


Imagine a movie or a play with a blank background, without any beautiful sceneries, furniture, grand sets or local roads! How utterly confusing and meaningless would such a movie or a play appear right? That’s where a set designer comes into picture! Architects can land jobs as a Set Designer in Film/Theatre industry. A set designer’s job involves designing and creating all the sets that you see in movies, television programs, and plays. They need to carefully study the script and understand the set requirements as this will enhance the look and feel of the movie or a program. It’s followed by drawing the primary sketch of the set with elements such as lights, furniture, props, outdoor elements, etc. Research is another major aspect of their job as each scene demands a distinct set and researching it to enhance the appearance of the project is necessary. This job involves working with directors, producers, art directors, artists, model makers, prop designers, writers, and other staff members working on the project. The visual aesthetics of a performance are dependent on their job. So, if you possess qualities like special sensitivity, meticulous designing, artistic vision of the aesthetics, knowledge regarding the functionality of the indoor and outdoor spaces, etc. this can be a perfect career for you!

Some basic responsibilities of a Set Designer are: -

  • Commencing the designing process by carefully reading the script and understanding the setting and background descriptions. These will lead to deciding the set design for the project.
  • Conducting research is imperative once the demand for set design is known. This ensures the right look and feel of the performance.
  • Sketching the basic design of the set with all the required set elements and drawing it using design software and CAD program.
  • Designing and constructing set models.
  • Taking into consideration all the safety measures during and after the set designing.
  • Liaising with other members regarding your set designing ideas.
  • Overseeing the construction process of the set.
  • Being there during the final act to ensure a hassle-free use of the set.
  • Architecture Assistant


The job of an Architecture Assistant involves assisting the senior architect on the project and helping him with various activities in an organization. This job is meant for an entry-level architect who is keen on learning, perfecting his architecture skills and gaining work experience. But this job shouldn’t be mistaken for being clerical in nature. It has diverse on field and on desk opportunities to advance your architecture career. They get to plan and implement various project designs with the approval of the architect. They have to draw the initial architectural layout or administer other project functions to help the architect. They can also be given the task of placing an order or supervising the construction process in the absence of the architect. The most common duty of an Assistant Architect is to routinely maintain the documentation of design and the project.

These are some of the basic responsibilities of an Architecture Assistant: -

  • An architect's assistant helps in the designing of blueprints for every project along with maintaining all the documentation for it.
  • They also work with the finance department to access the financial requirements of a project. They also maintain records of the remaining stock.
  • They ensure the quality assessment in every project and check if the projects are following the safety standards while implementation.
  • They have to brief the other team members regarding the recent developments in the project.
  • They also have to present all the details of any new project and seek approval regarding the same from their supervisors.
  • They have to keep their supervisors updated regarding any modifications in the project and its completion.

Here's a list of the top companies and recruiter in India that hire candidates with a B.Arch. Degree: -

  • L&T
  • DLF
  • Jindal
  • Sahara Group
  • Eros Group
  • Neilsoft
  • Stupa Architecture Consultant
  • CCBA Designs Pvt. Ltd.
  • Manchanda Associates
  • Architect Consultants
  • VSA Space Design (P) Ltd.
  • Edifice Architects Pvt.Ltd.
  • Chitra Vishwanath Architects
  • Aeons Construction

And many more . . .

Thus, it’s safe to say that Architecture is one of the most booming fields in the global market with surging career opportunities. The international markets have opened doors to skilled and professional architects and in India particularly, the demand for architects is quite high. This can be a great career option if you are good at problem- solving, logical reasoning, and communication. So, if the prospect of designing and creating habitable places, advancing the community and contributing to the global economy, excites you, architecture is a custom-built career for you!

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