Administration plays an important role in the effective management of an educational institute like Dr. D Y Patil College of Architecture Akurdi, Pune.
The Administrative Department of Dr. D Y Patil College of Architecture Akurdi, Pune is intended to provide satisfactory service to the students, parents, and faculty of the Institute.

It encompasses a number of activities related to the staff as well as student community - like Admissions. Fee acceptance & other financial matters. Students record & handling the day-to-day queries by the students. Recruitment of staff & handling of their records. Conducting examinations. Issue of timely instructions to staff & students of the various departments, resolving the procedural matters related to the University. 
This Department is functionally divided into three sections, namely Accounts Section, Establishment, and Students Section.

Students Section: - 
This section is responsible for

  • Admission of students.
  • Getting the approval of admitted students from DTE, & University of Pune.
  • Examination-related works.
  • Distribution of results.
  • Maintenance of Student's records.
  • Handling scholarships and freeships of students.
  • Bus & Railway concession passes.
  • Issue of various certificates and transcripts to students.
Sr. No.ParticularsName of the staffContact No.
1Admission-related work from DTE & University of Pune, related workMrs. Yojana Magdum020-27654501
2Examination related workMr. Yuvraj Inamdar020-27654501
3Distribution of resultsMr. Yuvraj Inamdar020-27654501
4Maintenance of student's recordMr. Yuvraj Inamdar020-27654501
5Scholarships and free ships of studentsMr. Santosh Bodare020-27654501
6Issue of various certificates and transcripts to studentsMr. Yuvraj Inamdar020-2765450

Establishment Section:-  

It handles matters related to

  • Recruitment of faculty as per Council of Architecture, Delhi / University of Pune norms.
  • Maintaining their service records.
  • Documentation at the time of joining / resignation/retirement.
  • Shikshan Shulka Samitee proposals.
  • Correspondence.

Sr. No. Particulars Name of the staff Contact No.
1 Recruitment of faculty as per AICTE/University of Pune norms,
Maintaining their service records,
Proposals for increments and promotions,
Correspondence etc.
Mrs. Yojana Magdum 020-27654501

Accounts Section: -
It handles matters related to

  • Fees collection from students.
  • Attending student's enquires and difficulties relating to fees and other educational loans, scholarship.
  • Receiving applications from students for scholarship refunds and reconciliation of scholarship amount received from samaj kayan and refund of fees to students.
  • Reconciliation of TDS income tax, Provident fund, Professional tax etc.
  • Bank reconciliation very month.
  • Fees collection of revaluation and verification of result from students.
  • Shikshan Shulk Samitee related works

Sr. No. Particulars Name of the staff Contact No.
1 Fees inquires and difficulties relating to fees and educational loan.
Providing various types of accounts information to committees and other information for various report
Mr. Amol Done 020-27654501